Q. What is the material made of?

A. Cooling towels are made from a blend of 90% polyester and 10% nylon.

Q. How do the Cooling Towels feel?

A. Cooling Towels feel similar to microfibre, they are woven and then brushed to give them a plush texture that’s soft enough to clean your eyewear with yet strong enough to withstand years of repeated use. 

Q. Is it true the towels and clothing are not impregnated/treated with any chemicals or additives to assist with cooling?

A. It’s true! We do not use any chemicals, crystals, polymers or phase change materials (PCM’s). The rate of cooling comes from the controlled evaporation taking place within the voids of the fabric; more moisture and air flow will result in greater cooling.

Q. How do I make the fabric work?

A. Cooling Towels can be soaked in any temperature water then wrung out and waved in the air.  

A. Apparel is typically put on dry where natural perspiration begins to cool the garment on its own.  If immediate results are required, pre-wet the garment, wring our excess moisture and wear.  The garment will not feel overly wet or uncomfortable and will be cool right away.

Q. Why is airflow important?

A. Airflow assists the evaporative function of the fabric, resulting in much cooler fabric temperatures.  Even the slightest breeze will be enough to increase the rate of cooling.  The snapping motion of a Cooling Towel mimics airflow by revitalizing the trapped water molecules and sending them into motion.

Q. How long will they stay cool?

A. Cooling Towels typically stay cool 2-3 hours or as long as it’s retaining moisture.  Occasionally a moist towel will need to be re-snapped. 

A. Apparel will begin to cool as soon as moisture is present and will continue to cool so long as moisture is present.

Q. What if my Cooling Towel stops cooling?

A. If the fabric is still retaining moisture, simply re-wave the towel in the air. An almost dry towel will have to be re-soaked, wrung out and waved. 

Q. Can I put my Cooling Towel in the freezer?

A. Yes, once the towel has been activated, it may be placed in the freezer and frozen. The fabric will quickly freeze yet remain fairly pliable. At this point you may store your Cooling Towel in the fridge or a cooler for later use.

Q. How do I take care of my Cool Canuck products?

A. Cool Canuck products can be machine washed with mild detergent and hung dry or tumbled low heat.

  Avoid fabric softeners as they will gradually clog the pores of the fabric and reduce its cooling ability.

About Cool Canuck

Our fabric is designed to keep the user cool which reduces the amount of sweat required to dissipate the excessive heat from your body. By doing so, your body is able to hang onto more of its fluids, resulting in better overall performance.

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