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Our long sleeve T-shirts are perfect to wear as a either a base layer during sports or as an everyday shirt for its comfoert.  Efficient moisture management and the ability to help you stay cool makes this shirt an instant favourite.  Unlike most performance shirts that simply wick moisture and evaporate it away, the fabric is engineered to trap excessive moisture, cool it, then control its rate of evaporation.  This process cools the shirt down to about 14°C (58°F) without the use of any chemical treatments.  If immediate heat relief is needed, our shirts can be pre-wet, wrung out and then worn.  The fabric is designed to hold a reasonable amount of water without feeling heavy or uncomfortable. UPF 35 reduces the effect of the sun's harmful rays.  Machine wash without fabric softener.  Cool Canuck apparel is proudly made in Canada and guaranteed to be free of manufacturer defects.

  • Patented fabric technology
  • 35+ UPF protection
  • Machine wash, no fabric softener
  • Hang or tumble dry 
  • Made in Canada

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About Cool Canuck

Our fabric is designed to keep the user cool which reduces the amount of sweat required to dissipate the excessive heat from your body. By doing so, your body is able to hang onto more of its fluids, resulting in better overall performance.

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