How the Technology works:  The fabric is engineered with a unique variety of fibres that when structured in a designed way creates a series of high density capillary networks. These networks allow the water molecules to be absorbed deep into the fabric core and hydraulically compress into the voids within the fibres. These voids create an orientation of the water molecules in such away that when the product is activated (snapped or air movement) it allows for maximum evaporative cooling to take place. At the same time, because of the uniqueness of the combination of different fibres and their reaction to one another, the suppression of water loss by evaporation (high absorption and wicking simultaneously) suspends the water within the fibres of the fabric for an extended period of time.

Our apparel can be activated in 2 ways:

Self-activation by perspiration:
Garments are put on dry and allowed to naturally collect moisture through perspiration. As saturation levels increase, so does the cooling effect. The result is a gradual cooling process designed to keep the wearer cool and dry.
Pre-activation by soaking: 
When instant relief from the heat is necessary, simply soak the garment in water then wring it out and wear it. By saturating the garment before activity, the cooling process begins right away. This method is ideal for quickly cooling the body. 

To activate our Cooling Towel technology, simply “Wet it” “Wring it” and “Wave it!”

About Cool Canuck

Our fabric is designed to keep the user cool which reduces the amount of sweat required to dissipate the excessive heat from your body. By doing so, your body is able to hang onto more of its fluids, resulting in better overall performance.

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